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Some Publications on Relationship Education

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Braithwaite, S., & Fincham, F.D. (2014). Computer based prevention of intimate partner violence in marriage. Behavior Research and Therapy, 54, 12-21. (pdf)

Kalinka, C., Fincham, F.D., & Hirsch, A. (2012). Clinical trial of online-biblio relationship education for expectant couples. Journal of Family Psychology, 26, 159-164.(pdf)

Braithwaite, S., & Fincham, F.D. (2011). Computer based dissemination: A randomized clinical trial of ePREP using the actor partner interdependence model. Behavior Research and Therapy. 49, 126-13. (pdf)

Braithwaite, S., & Fincham, F.D. (2009). A randomized clinical trial of a computer based preventive intervention: Replication and extension of ePREP. Journal of Family Psychology, 23, 32-38. (pdf)

Braithwaite, S., & Fincham, F.D. (2007). ePREP: Computer based prevention of relationship dysfunction, depression and anxiety. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 26, 611-624. (pdf)

Also relevant:

Vennum, A., & Fincham, F.D. (2011). Assessing decision making in young adult romantic relationships. Psychological Assessment, 23, 739-751. (pdf)

Braithwaite, S., Lambert, N., Fincham, F.D. & Pasley, K. (2010). Does college based relationship education decrease extradyadic involvement in relationships? Journal of Family Psychology, 24, 740-745. (pdf)